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25 Million iPads Sold

WWDC 2011 is still going strong and Apple news keeps rolling in. Apple announced that it has sold a total of 25 million iPads to date and 200 million iOS devices. Are we all getting numb to these staggering sales figures quarter after quarter from Apple? The iTunes store has sold 15 billion songs and 90,000 iPad apps. Almost every PC, phone, and consumer electronics device maker has either released or announced a tablet in the last year. But Apple has clearly emerged  as the butt kicker in the tablet market. The iPad was first launched only 14 months ago, and the iPad 2 just a few months ago and in that short time Apple has taken over the global tablet market with no clear competitor emerging. If you haven’t sold your RIMM stock then do that first and then sell your Playbook and buy yourself an iPad 2 and feel better.

Apple Retail 2.0 has iPad 2 displays

Apple retail stores have opened the doors to Apple 2.0. Apple’s new retail upgrade, will make use interactive iPad 2 displays for all product information for a rich in-store experience. We love this idea.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Apple retail stores, the Cupertino, Calif., company opened its first retail stores on May 19, 2001, in McLean, Virginia and Glendale, Calif. Employees were wearing party hats, also. The new iPad 2 display units show the devices are placed under plexiglass. We can wait to test these iPad 2 displays for ourselves. We are wondering what the touch experience will be like under the protective plexiglass. According to sources, the main change is the addition of stationary iPad 2’s placed next to other Apple products in order to display product prices, information and features. The iPad 2‘s can also be used to compare models and ask for help from an Apple specialist.

These display iPad 2 devices are running a custom software, as customers report that pressing the home button on the tablets does nothing. There have been rumors of a special gesture that will revert the iPad to its original setup.

Will you buy your cat an iPad 2?

When will you buy your iPad 2 mobile device? Now there’s even more compelling reasons as a new world of prospective consumers emerges. Your cat.
Friskies, the Purina cat food brand, has just launched three iPad-based games to satisfy your feline’s gaming needs. We are not kidding and Friskies is quite serious. Watch the YouTube video and you’ll see how interactive this game is for cats. Are these cats actually “playing” the games?
Friskies isn’t the first to launch an iPad game for cats though. There are a few others out there, but Friskies is the first one from a pet food brand.

Symbolic iPad app

This iPad 2 app understands and delivers its app to match how the brain functions. Their concept is that we write and speak with words but we visualize in Images. iCondu iPad app uses icons and your own personal pictures to create image based To Do Tasks instead of Text. This is not unlike how mindmapping works as well. This iPad app comes with an extensive library of customizable icons that match the daily tasks that we all experience each day. You can create your own icons or download more from the developer website.The iCondu app is quite simple to use, but has a full arsenal of ways to create lists with data embedded into each if your custom icons via a details screen where you enter your personal data.
We like this for it’s uniqueness and for understanding how our brains naturally work better with images and visualization it cataloguing and storage. This iPad app is not cheap. It is one of the higher tier price points on the app store at $5.99. Click here to get it. The could use some design help on their future releases and for their website also.

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