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Apple reports 9.25 Million iPads Sold

If you own Apple stock then you are thrilled with the earnings announcement today. Apple just announced financial results for the second calendar quarter and third fiscal quarter of 2011. For the quarter, Apple posted record breaking revenue for a single quarter with $28.57 billion and net quarterly profit of $7.31 billion. This compared to revenue of $15.7 billion and net quarterly profit of $3.25 billion, in the year-ago quarter. Apple’s quarterly profit and quarterly revenue were both records for Apple.  Continue reading

Review: TouchUp iPad 2 App

With Apple adding both front and rear cameras to the iPad 2 we are all adding more photos into our iPad 2 photo library. TouchUp is an iPad app designed by Roguesheep that is a cool iPad apps photo editor. We found this photo editing app easy to learn and was very fun to use. Basically your using the touch of your finger to tweak and make adjustments to your photos. This photo image editor app comes with dozens of fun photo effects that you’ll get lost in. Touchup iPad app has an endless number of photo layers that expand your editing possibilities.
We really like how with just a touch of your finger your could add an effect or erase it away easily without any worry of losing your original image.
The first step will be to import the image you will work with from your photo gallery (or even from Flickr). We do wish they would add Dropbox integration because not everyone stores all their photos on their iPad 2. Next you can start playing around with the effects menu from the drop down menu. You’ll be able to select brightness, temperature, sepia, contrast, blur, saturation and tint to begin your photo edits. If you make a mistake it’s not a problem as you can use the built in Undo button in Touchup. (demo video below the break) Continue reading

Five Million iPad 2 shipments per month?

You probably are aware Apple is scheduled to report earnings on July 19th and most of us expect the earnings numbers to be crazy good as always. New reports out today show that demand for the Apple iPad 2 seems to be very strong. According to a brief statement from the DigiTimes website, Apple has placed orders for five million touch sensors just for the iPad 2 tablet. Apple news just keeps on getting better as the company also shipped 5 million iPad 2 tablets in the month of June so if this pace continues Apple will blow the analysts expectations out of the water with nearly 40 million iPad 2 devices being sold for 2011.  In the DigiTimes news release about iPad 2 they stated:

Five million touch sensors for the iPad 2 will be shipped in July, according to sources with Apple’s supply chain. Shipments in June were also five million, with TPK Holding and Wintek supplying 1.4-1.6 million units each and the remaining by Cando, Sintek Photronic and Chimei Innolux (CMI), the sources indicated.

The 5 million iPad 2 units that reportedly were shipped last month points to increased iPad 2 tablet demand that will keep building.

Asian supply chain sources also told Digitimes that Apple has begun sourcing parts for the iPad 3 which are likely to arrive in high volume in October which seems to be consistent with previous iPad 3 rumors about a holiday release schedule for the new iPad device. The iPad 3 rumors seem to point to an even lighter and thinner overall design which begs the question how much thinner can they make this device.


iPad Increases to 1% of All Web Browsing

On our website here at we’ve seen a surge in browsing from iPad devices. You may be thinking ‘duh’ this is an iPad review site. True, but we’re seeing an uptrend in iPad specific traffic that matches a new report out from The Register,  which finds that over one percent of global web browsing comes from the iPad and iPad 2. In the U.S. iPad browsing is even higher at 2.1%.

Here on our iPad review site we’ve seen a remarkable uptick in iPad browser traffic. Just for June alone we saw 32% of our web traffic arrive at our website Continue reading

Fring beats Skype to Market with Video Chat for iPad 2

Skype for iPad 2 will be released very soon but Fring already has lept ahead of Skype and released it’s own video conference feature. Fring allows up to four people to simultaneously video chat, right in the iPad 2 window. When the iPad 2 was announced, we weren’t surprised about the inclusion of front and rear-facing cameras for video recording and video chatting. FaceTime has been such a big hit for Apple so now, Fring has introduced the ability to conduct group video calling for it’s most current iPad app update.
Fring, which supports multiple chat clients and video calling, is the first to enable this feature for the iPad tablet and we are looking forward to seeing how smooth the video chat experience actually will be. This top iPad app will make full use of multi-touch gestures on the iPad 2 and supports free voice calls to MSN, Yahoo!, and Google Talk. Continue reading