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Review: Dirt Busta for iPad

best ipad appsWe recently found a cool new iPad app game that was released on the iTunes app store on April, 19th,2013. The name of this iPad game app is Dirt Busta.  We found this game to one that the whole family could enjoy. The graphics and animated drawings and well done and look really good on the iPad display screen.

The object of this fun game app is to clean each floor by destroying all bugs. But you have to quick because the clock is ticking and you only have 30 seconds. Each of the levels of play offers a different floor that needs to be “cleaned” of the bugs. Although, we did not attempt to achieve all the levels of play for this review we did find the navigation and design to be intuitive and the user interface to work well.
To win at improve your skills at each level you want to are yourself with all the different weapons available for this game. The designers have included lots of incentives for game play as you kill the bugs your receive more points, coins, achievements,  and improve your ranking.

The game is fun and easy to start out with for the beginners but as you advance the difficulty level increases as you become a better player. We really like how the designer gave the bugs different behaviors and strengths.  We think you’ll enjoy this game so go ahead and download it for Free on the iTunes app store by clicking here.

Review: Cloud-Word App for iPad

ipad best appsThe developers of a very nifty cloud based productivity app called Cloud-Word just releasee an update. We’ve been putting this best iPad app through it’s paces and are very impressed. Get ready to enjoy fun note taking on this iPad app. The visual graphics are very cool and creative for a note taking app. We think you’ll really enjoy the cloud animations that represent the containers of your saved notes.

The thought and creativity behind this app is what we love the most. Great design not only looks good but is easy to use. The touch navigation of Cloud-Word is intuitive and seamless as you tap on the cloud container you want to work in. (screenshots and video demo after break) Continue reading

Most Expensive Car in the World Includes the iPad 2

Luxury car manufacturer, Bentley, uses savvy marketing by engineering the iPad 2 into their new Mulsanne concept car. Bentley makes the most expensive cars in the world and they are displaying this new multimedia connectivity car at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. The price tag on the Bentley Mulsanne starts at $291,295. (Screenshots below break)  Continue reading

New iPad 2 Ad from Not Apple but Verizon

Verizon Wireless has released a cool iPad 2 ad. Isn’t that Apple’s role? The iPad 2 TV advertisement demonstrates the iPad 2′s ability to connect over the Verizon 3G networks. This is smart ad that features a woman making a decision to buy an iPad 2 tablet. With the eReader market exploding this is a strategic play for Verizon and Apple ahead of any new tablet release that Amazon has up it’s sleeve. (Verizon ad below the break) Continue reading

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