Brain Training is Fun with Mirror Read App

Get ready to expand your brain with this unique brain training app for iPadMirror Read is the name of this iPad app but also the name of this fascinating science. The developer is Dr. Shelagh Robinson who is a Psychologist and researcher that specializes in visual perception.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the word “ambulance” printed in reverse on emergency vehicles for viewing from your rearview mirror. But I had never heard of mirror reading as a science so let me give you some background before talking about the Mirror Read iPad app. Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci wrote most of his personal notes in a mirror so the text was reversed and would appear normal when read in a mirror? Now studies have revealed there are benefits to reading reversed text for the right hemisphere of the human brain. In fact, reading mirror-reversed text is used as a measure to gauge spatial transformation skills, and as a test of procedural memory in Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s patients.

Mirror Read is a game app that stimulates regions of the brain not associated with regular reading, leading to measurable grey matter growth in the right hemisphere. The implications are intriguing: Right brain skills are linked to all sorts of aptitudes including mental rotation, spatial transformation, creative problem-solving, and procedural memory. (screenshots below the break) 

I found the Mirror Read app to be very straight forward in using it on my iPad 2 device. There are 2 unique word games that accompany this grey matter training app, each preceded by easy-to-follow instructions. When you first tap on this iPad app you’ll find graphically pleasing button choices to select from. The “Headline News” icon button is a game of reading the headlines of major news stories in reverse. This game will transform the top news stories into reversed text and you will choose the category (Business, World, Entertainment, Sports, Technology) and the difficulty level (easy, intermediate, difficult). Once you press the Start button you are on the clock with a timer to measure your progress. With a tap of the reverse icon under the timer, you can change the text back to normal to check your accuracy in reading the reversed text of new stories. The “Backword Scramble” icon button is another game choice on this iPad app. It is designed around Classic Word game that allows you to find hidden words out of a collection of letters. The challenge will be to read from right to left in able to locate the hidden words. You’ll use a drag and drop of the letters for form different words. When you’ve completed a word just press the green check mark and the word is auto-saved and advances you toward the next hidden word challenge. You’ll also receive points for each of word you find that are saved and can be incorporated in Game Center leader boards. I tried Backword Scramble in the 1-minute difficult mode and it worked smoothly. It was nice to see my improvement within the first few 1-minute game attempts. We also really liked the integrated eBook for children called “Mr. Puff and Mr. Peeve: The Double-Sided Dog.” You can swipe through the pages of this unique reversed text ebook that includes lots of images of a cute Maltese dog. Also, within this app you can easily send a reversed text email or Facebook message to your friends and family with a tap of this app for iPad.

This iPad app is in the health and fitness category but it seems to us to an educational app also. It is available on the app store for $0.99.