Bloomberg on iPad 3 Release

More news regarding iPad 3 as Bloomberg has revealed that the next generation iPad 3 has moved into production with an expected March 2012 release date. The Bloomberg article also claimed the new iPad will feature a higher-resolution display, we are thinking Retina, and a quad-core processor. The quad-core processor lets you quickly switch between iPad apps.

The company’s manufacturing partners in Asia started ramping up production of the iPad 3 this month and plan to reach full volumes by February, said one of the people, who asked not to be named because the details aren’t public. The tablet will use a quad-core chip, an enhancement that lets users jump more quickly between applications, two of the people said.

The China production facilities are now running 24 hours a day after the Lunar New Year holiday which starts today. TheiPad 3 releasewill likely include the new LTE wireless cellular standard which allows users high speed data.

J. Ron Clendenin

Been an iPad user from day one of its release. Apple has been innovative from the beginning and now the rest of the world is getting on board. It's great to be able to spread the word about one of their mobile devices.