Bing iPad App Update with New Gesturing

Apple’s patented touch based gesturing is a standard on all of the iOS devices and touch gesturing is the most advanced on the large iPad display. Bing today updated their new iPad app on the app store and introduced a unique iPad interactive gesturing experience. Bing labels this as a new search shortcut called Lasso. Basically, Bing describes it is a whole new way to search with the touch of a finger on the iPad touch screen. The Bing iPad app uses a Lasso tool that allows you to draw freely around text on web pages, which triggers a quick search from that selection. Instead of touch selecting a block of text in order to bring up the loupe and frustratingly dragging the corners of the blue dots to the beginning and end of your selection now you can use the lasso tool to select text your text on a web page.  It is available on the app store by clicking here. Bing video demo is after the break. 

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