Best iPad 2 Cases of Luxury

Are you still doubting that the iPad 2 is one of the hottest product launches ever? More proof can be seen in the iPad 2 accessory market which is a multibillion dollar industry. There seems to be demand even for luxurious iPad 2 cases for the rich and famous. The French brand Cartier jumped into the luxury pool with their $420 iPad 2 case a few months back. We found a few high-end iPad 2 cases that are even pricier than the Cartier Les Must collection.  The popularity of the iPad 2 across all demographics has opened the door for the most expensive case designs that we know of. In fact, one of these iPad 2 cases in our review actually cost more than the Apple’s most expensive iPad 2 tablet ($829 3G/64GB).

The Padova: Orbino is the manufacturer of this fine leather iPad 2 case. This Padova ipad 2 case integrates with Apple’s Smart Cover Technology. The Padova is a a full cover design that is super-slim and matches the sleek elegance of the iPad 2 and its thinner redesign. These Orbino iPad 2 cases are handmade to be high-performance that protect the iPad 2 both on the front and back of the iPad tablet. Orbina proudly statest that each Padova iPad 2 case is 100% built by hand by a single artisan in their own facilities in Italy. Orbino’s Padova entry level iPad 2 case is available in four premium colors: Brown, Black,Deep Red, and Pecan and is priced at $209 (not pictured). The limited edtion Padova iPad 2 case offers higher end leather skins like Crocodile and Ostrich which are pictured left. The price of the Padova limited edition iPad 2 case is $689 for Crocodile and Ostrich for $569. (Astounding iPad case $ after the break) 

Hermes HigHtecH: The Hermes HigHtechH is an all leather book-style iPad cover. The design is done in fine calfskin leather to create a work station finished product.  This French made iPad case is an elegant and a premium iPad accessory product aimed and the luxury brand market. This iPad 2 case allows you to prop up your iPad tablet for working or just relaxing and watching video. The IPad 2 case closes around the iPad snuggly and functions as a full iPad cover to protect your device as you are on the go. This Hermes iPad 2 accessory only comes in one color style of ebony evergrain calfskin. Now, start the drumroll and Buckingham Palace trumpets. The price for the Hermes luxury iPad case is a staggering $1400.


J. Ron Clendenin

Been an iPad user from day one of its release. Apple has been innovative from the beginning and now the rest of the world is getting on board. It's great to be able to spread the word about one of their mobile devices.