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Are you an iPad fan or an expert in your field? Do you have a lot to say and would like to reach a large audience? Then write for! We are growing fast and getting a ton of traffic.

We are accepting quality, well-written, and highly useful guest posts that include specific “take-aways” for the community of readers here. The general topics for posts include:

ipad apps

iPad product reviews

apple news

iPad app reviews
Submission Guidelines

Please make the post “scannable” with some boldface type, bullet points, and/or paragraph headings. Take a look at some of my posts to get an idea of how I format them.

Post should be between 500-1000 words. If it is slightly longer than 1000 words I’ll consider it, but less than 600 is generally too short.

Provide original, personal, and honest work. Your post has never before been published anywhere, including your own blog, and does not include any sections taken from a previously published post. It must be unique content.

Edit your post carefully for correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If you aren’t good at this, please have someone who is review it for you before submitting.

Write an eye-catching headline that invites the people to read the post. If you aren’t good at writing headlines, please check out this post. I may change a headline if I think it doesn’t work.

Include a brief 2-3 sentence bio at the end of your post, linking to your site. Please do not directly link to a product.

Send the post as a word document attached to an email with the subject line, “Guest Post Submission.” If you would like a small thumbnail photo of yourself next to your bio, please attached it to the email. Send the email to info at myipadapps dot com.

If your post is accepted for publication, I will contact you to let you know and give you a date it will be published. It may be up to one week before you receive a response, but know that I respond to everyone who submits. If you don’t receive a response within two weeks, feel free to follow up.

I may send your post back with questions/comments to expand in parts, and I may edit it before publishing on the site.

Thank you so much for your interest in writing for