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A Great App for Toddlers

Most parents look out for educational games that can help their toddler grasp basics like colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. While some iPad apps for children are solely for entertainment, others engage and teach young children. TapTot iPad app by Blue Mint Studios is a great way to keep younger kids engaged while they learn.

TapTot is specifically designed for pre-schoolers. The colors are amazing, and the app development makes the iPad app easy to use. Children who are still developing their motor skills can easily learn by “matching and catching.” As an artist, I’m impressed by the unique look of this iPad app for children. The learning elements and the background appears to be three dimensional and inviting.

Fortunately, Blue Mint Studios has thrown in a bonus with this remarkable app – a matching mini game. This game reinforces what the child has learned by boosting his/her memory. TapTot is fun, friendly, and engaging for tots. When it’s time to pick out apps for the kids, parents don’t have to leave out the pre-schoolers. TapTot would make a great addition to your iPad!


For Music Lovers with an iPad

There is an amazing iPad app out there for music lovers. Moo Cow Music’s iPad 2 app is called Pianist Pro, and it has children and adults using their touchpad fingers to play piano melodies with their iPad.

With the variety of piano apps on the market, Moo Cow Music stands out from the crowd. Their multi-touch piano app actually features a full 88 key piano keyboard. As a pianist, I can tell you that there is nothing more frustrating than playing a keyboard with limited keys. Music lovers are forced to only play a segment of a song or transpose it completely because of the limits placed upon them by the creators of the keyboard. Fortunately, users will not have to worry about that with Pianist Pro!

Another irritation with common keyboards is the sound. If your ear is acutely tuned to how a note is supposed to sound, then the annoying bings of a computer generated keyboard is enough to drive one mad. The sound on Pianist Pro, however, is ‘sampled from a real piano for maximum authenticity!’
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A New Kind of iPad App

We all remember memorable storybook characters from our childhood. Perhaps that is what makes this new iPad App so special. Not only is this unique application a gallery of friendly new storybook characters, but iPad users can actually purchase prints of the original illustrations directly from this iPad app! Mimosa Creations is an indie company that specializes in children’s books and illustrations. It has always been difficult for independent children’s artists, boutiques, and designers to reach out to the kids and parents who appreciate unique merchandise. Thanks to Siglat Mobile Apps, direct product purchasing of original children’s illustrations through PayPal is possible.

There is a character for everyone in this app for children. From a sassy octopus to a fun-loving bear, iPad owners will have a favorite character in no time. The first in a series of future storybook apps, Mimosa iPad App is in a class of its own. Families will enjoy adorning their surroundings with the bright and cheerful imagery of unique children’s book characters. For more information visit You can download the Free Mimosa app from the App Store here.

An iPad App for New Readers

What is a family vacation without plenty of books to read? I remember having stacks of fun reading material to amuse myself on road trips. Fortunately, technology has made it easier for families to bring along the best travel storybooks for new readers. Kids have two new friends to take with them on the family vacation this year, and their names are Josh and Emma. Josh & Emma Go to the Beach is the first in the series of Josh & Emma educational iPad apps for kids.

On their educational trip to the beach, Josh and Emma find objects that they can add to their red bucket. This is an iPad app interactive story that is for kids ages 2-6. The young reader is asked to help Josh and Emma find starfish, clams, seashells, flowers, and even a feather.

The brother and sister team love to go on adventures with their mom and dad and discover the world around them. Each iPad app is designed to help children learn their numbers, colors and the proper names of objects. For more information, visit their website here.