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Baby-Chef iPad App for Toddlers

This is our third installment in a series of app reviews from the developers at Today we’re looking at another educational iPad app game is called Baby-Chef. As with this developers other children’s apps this iPad game is useful in helping your child developmentally. Baby-Chef app helps develop fine motor skills and visual perception skills as they use touch interactions to create different meals from the main menu.The Baby-Chef app is developed with young children 2 plus year old. My young four year-old enjoyed selecting her own ingredients and creating different meals all own her easily just with tapping and dragging on her iPad 2 device. (screenshots below after the break)  Continue reading

Review: The Pete and Sneakers Bath and Bedtime Show

We found a delightful and fun iPad app for children called Pete and Sneakers Bath and Bedtime Show. The developer and author of this interactive book app for children is Erin Davis. Erin is clearly a mother who understands what children need and enjoy with this well thought-out iPad app. I think you and your young children will love these two interesting penguins who are not short on personality. The graphics are eye-popping and the split-screen layout is great for  two children to interact with.

If you think about it, in a child’s life bedtime and bath time are big events for the day. The author has brilliantly brought an important message to life with the Pete and Sneakers characters. These cute penguins encourage children to understand their own individuality and uniqueness and how similar tasks can be performed in different ways. For example, Pete prefers to approach basic bath and bedtime tasks more conservatively, while Sneakers’ routine is free-spirited and often just wacky. Pete and Sneakers embrace their differences while still having fun together which is such a positive lesson.  Continue reading

Review: Seconds to New Year App

The holiday shopping is over at my house. We’re starting to relax and slide on into the string of U.S. holidays coming in the days ahead. Namely, Christmas Day and New Years Day. Joe Allen has developed a great New Years countdown app for iPad that he just released on December 15th. This iPad app is called Seconds to New Year. 

I don’t know about you but I pretty much take my iPad everywhere I go now. No really. For example, I went to the grocery store and used the free wifi to surf while shopping. At my son’s basketball games it’s with me in the bleachers. We’re going to a big neighborhood New Years eve party and I’m going to break out this seasonal iPad app to be the official time keeper to ring in the new year. (screenshots after the break) Continue reading

Review: Letter Jungle Children’s App

ipad appsI’m sure most of you with children have realized how you need at least two iPads in the family. One for you and one for the kids. A whole generation of children are growing up expect to swipe, tap and pinch display screens. What we really like about education apps is that children can be immersed in entertainment while learning key developmental building blocks.

Letter Jungle is a new iPad app that was designed by German developer and education expert Kinderbriefe GmbH that was just released on the U.S app store. This education app offers elementary age children a way to have fun and at the same time give them a way to enhance their literacy skills in this interactive app? (screenshot and video demo after break) Continue reading

World of Goo-HD iPad App Sale

best ipad appsMost of you probably already are familiar with the game World of Goo. It is a popular physics puzzler from the game developer 2D Boy. Basically, this game app play is about building towers with goo globules. The World of Goo game has been named game of the year in the past. The aim of this fun game is transport the goo through pipes and toward to levels.

The good news is the the developer is celebrating the 5-year anniversary of World of Goo and has cut the price by 80% on World of Goo HD for iPad. This iPad app (it’s a universal iOS app), was selling for $4.99 but today it is $0.99.  Continue reading

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