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Inside the World of Dinosaurs for iPad

I grew up fascinated with Dinosaurs and no one has watched Jurassic park more than I have. It seems deep down everyone has a connection and fascination with Dinosaurs and especially children. We’ve found a Dinosaur app perfectly suited for the iPad tablet interface that will leave you spellbound revisiting the world of these ancient creatures. This new iPad app is called Inside the World of Dinosaurs from developer M5859 Studios.

This visually pleasing app is wonderfully narrated by Stephen Fry and everything about this iPad app is professionally produced. Inside the World of Dinosaurs iPad app is a comprehensive encyclopedia that is the best iPad app of its kind on the iTunes app store. (screenshots and video demo after the break) Continue reading

Ginormous iPad App Released

If you are like me we’re all looking for more ways to have a laugh during the holidays. I was recently at a friends 40th birthday party and he got a prank call from a hired professional who does Christopher Walken impressions. We all laughed so hard it was painful. It changed the party atmosphere from average to epic. We found an app that was just released exclusively for the iPad that we think is a hoot. It’s called GinormaPhone and we think you’ll get some laughs with this app at the company Christmas party.  Continue reading

Review: Where Is It? HD for iPad

best ipad appsI’m a visual person so I really enjoy beautiful images. Now combine HD images of the most famous places from all over the world and turn it into a game and I’m hooked. The developer Legend Software Group has recently released a new exclusive iPad app called Where Is It? HD.

When you first tap to open this fun iPad app image trivia game you’ll be given three options to select in starting the game. You’ll choose either the 15, 25 or 50 question option to begin. My score was surprising poor my first try with the 15 question game. In fact, my one correct answer was the “Old Royal Palace, Denmark (I missed all the U.S. locations). I was humbled so I spent the next 30 minutes laser focused on improving my score.  Continue reading

Audiotorium Notes Updates The Best iPad App for Note Taking

best ipad appsThe best selling note taking iPad app just released an update on the app store. For all of us who take notes whether in class or with clients Audiotorium Notes is one of the best iPad apps that is a must-have. I’ve begun journaling using creative visualization with this app and it does everything I need it to do. Audiotorium Notes offers audio recording from your iPad 2 built-in mic which is perfect for students who can’t afford to miss any details from class. I’ve always enjoyed the use of Dropbox which allows me to save all of my important stuff on the Dropbox cloud. Continue reading

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