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Review: Alpha Writer iPad App for Your Children

Review: Alpha Writer iPad App for Your ChildrenWe just found the updated version of Alpha Writer, by Montessorium, on the iTunes app store. This iPad app is developed with the Montessori education approach as the foundation for this wonderful children’s learning app. From the moment you tap on this iPad app you will be impressed with the beauty of the design and the high quality illustrations. The Alpha Writer team has built a thoughtful early education iPad app that understands childhood development and the power of touch in learning.

My 4 year old son really jumped into this app for iPad and immersed himself in both modes at the first sitting. As you might of guessed, the two modes are Alpha and Writer. In the Alpha mode, the child is presented with a smattering of high resolution colorful icons—a bee, a dog, a bus, a cup and about 50 more. Next Continue reading

Multi-user feature for iPad jailbreak


Would you like to share your iPad with another user? Here is a tweak that will soon be on the Cydia store for those who have already installed an iPad jailbreak. This tweak called iUsers, adds a user login icon to your iPad’s lock screen. This tweak allows for different users to login to their personalized saved preferences. Pretty cool iPad app tweak for a jailbroken iPad. The creator plans to add more personalization in the next update which will include personalization for music, apps, and video content.

Source: Engadget

A look at GelaSkins for iPad 2

If you have had other iOS devices then this iPad accessory maker is not new to you. GelaSkins creates protective iPad 2 covers and skins are one of the best in the iPad accessories industry. GelaSkins designs very stylish vinyl decals which can pimp out your iPad 2 more than the typical clear protectors. We really like this iPad 2 accessory because they are easy to apply to your iPad.  Gelaskins are a dry application so you can remove them countless times without any residue left on your iPad 2. GelaSkins for the iPad 2 are high quality, beautiful, with a plethora of designs by artists.  It is really great to be able to design your own custom iPad 2 cover so that it reflects you. The Gelaskins website has a tool that allows you to upload your own photograph or artwork. Then you crop and adjust it to your liking bam you are ready for Gelaskins to produce your one-of-a-kind iPad skin. ZAGG also offers some great iPad 2 accessories that protect your device including ZAGGskins but Gelaskins has probably the best selection of stylish designs to choose from. GelaSkins is based and manufactured in Ontario, Canada so you will need to allow an extra few days for standard delivery.  Continue reading

iPad App from Slingplayer

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad app will hit the Apple App store soon.  Watch this video SlingPlayer video walkthrough of http://viagrabuynow.com/ their upcoming iPad app. I think you’ll be impressed with everything except the price, $29.99. They will release it soon probably just in time for the holidays and the iOS 4 update that Apple promised before the end of November.

Apple Changes the Music World Again.

If Apple says it is a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT then you can bank on it. Apple has changed the homepage of its website with a mysterious teaser, indicating an “exciting announcement” is coming to the company’s iTunes service on Tuesday. It appears to be an international announcement by the mere fact that the clocks include Tokyo and London.

The Apple.com site now reveals that “Tomorrow is Just Another Day. That you’ll never forget,” but what exactly the company has planned remains up for debate. Leave comments below as to your best guess.

Here’s ours.

1-A subscription for monthly access to the iTunes library. The whole library.

2-The Beatles have finally made it to the iTunes http://www.viagrabuynow.com/ store.

3-The North Carolina Apple data center (Apple Cloud) will be launched.

4-Big Streaming Movie announcements that will rival NetFlix.

5-Steve Jobs will stream his iTunes keynote from the front page of the website.(Which indicates how huge this Apple event is)

Minutes after Apple updated the front page of its website to a giant announcement indicating a forthcoming launch, technology blogs buzzed and Tweets have been flying around speculating what this will mean.