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New iPad/iPhone App: Photos to Photos Re-Launched Today

ipad appsIn this review we’re taking a look at a new iPad app. In fact today is a big day for the developer at Photos to Photos, Inc because they are re-launching their new app on the iTunes app store. The name of this new app is Photos to Photos and we’re excited to review the newest release of this app update.

Photos to Photos is a game app that centers on social sharing of photo collation. The object of this app game is to upload your best photo in response to specific adjective in the prompt. We liked that you are able to compete against friends who also submit their best photo alongside yours. Take turns as the judge to select the winner of each round of competition.  The first player to win three rounds wins the game!

We liked this game concept and think this app could really be a hot up-and-coming app on the app store. We like the clean user interface and easy navigation layout that allows you to upload your photos seamlessly. Continue reading

Mathificent for iPad

I’m always looking for great education apps for the iPad. Especially apps that engage kids to learn and play at Math. We found a great iPad app that does just that. This app is called Mathificent by Webucator and was released on August 28th, 2012.

Mathificent is a game and a learning tool that has been well thought out by the developer and would be a great addition to your collection of education apps for your children. Continue reading

Be There: San Francisco App for iPad

top iPad appsOne of the great cities of the world is San Francisco. If you enjoy San Francisco as much as I do then you’ll want to download this new iPad app called Be There: San Francisco from Red Hill Studios. The design of this app will really bring the city to life on your iPad tablet.

You’ll be able to view the San Francisco skyline like never before. Be There: San Francisco offers a unique new form of virtual reality that let you explore this beautiful city. The developer also built in custom soundscapes to enhance this visually immersive experience. Continue reading

iPad 3 App Photo World Just Released

We’ve been playing around with a new iPad 3 app just released a few days ago called Photo World. The developer of this iPad app is FoxWare Can Tho and it is a clever concept for you photo lovers.
What Photo World iPad app is about is to let you search all the public photo archive that have been cataloged by geotagging. This allows you to look at photo’s in a specific geographic area. For example if you wanted to see all the photos from wineries in New York state you could easily pull them up in this app. This app is easy to navigate and with a simple design that take advantage of all the on board location iPad tools for app development.First you’ll select a location of the world to fetch photo descriptions. You’ll next be able to preview an array of thumbnail images on your iPad tablet. Next you can choose to watch slide shows or  bookmark favorite searched locations. Continue reading

OnLive iPad App Released

OnLive has finally put their app where their mouth is with it’s just released iPad app called OnLive Desktop. There have been a ton of virtualization apps for iPad that have made their way to the iTunes App Store. These type of virtualization apps allow you to interact on a desktop virtual machine directly on your iPad 2 tablet. OnLive has jumped on the bandwagon with an interesting cloud-based solution that benefits from their experience as a provider of streaming gaming experience through their XBOX OnLive cloud gaming platform. Continue reading

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