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Been an iPad user from day one of its release. Apple has been innovative from the beginning and now the rest of the world is getting on board. It's great to be able to spread the word about one of their mobile devices.

NASA Hits a Home Run With New iPad App

NASA iPad AppThe iPad platform is becoming a ubiquitous mobile device and connection point. Now you can experience NASA satellite data beamed directly into this new ‪NASA Visualization Explorer iPad app‬. NASA’s latest Earth science research studies everything from astrophysics to climate change. In this new iPad app NASA details some of their diverse research projects by creating visualizations that explain their findings. The ‪NASA Visualization Explorer iPad app allows iPad users to engage and interact with amazing video and images and current findings from their latest Earth Science Research.

The NASA Visualization Explorer editorial team will release two new NASA science topics each week and deliver it direct to this NASA app for iPad. (video demo after break) Continue reading

Ustream iPad 2 App Arrives

Ustream iPad 2 appUstream, the streaming video service has launched its first iPad 2 app today. If you’re not familiar with Ustream it is a streaming interactive video service platform that allows anyone with a video camera and Internet access to broadcast to the web. I can’t figure out why it took Ustream so long to bring their service to the iPad 2 which is a perfect match. With this Ustream iPad 2 app you’ll not only be able to watch all their top channels but also video stream your own broadcast directly from the Ustream iPad 2 app. Once you start broadcasting from your iPad 2, you can choose to do so with either the front or rear built-in camera and can even switch between your cameras during your live broadcast.

Now you can chat, record and watch live Ustream events directly from this ipad 2 app. The Ustream tribe of broadcasters just grew exponentially with the addition of an iPad 2 audience. Ustream enables live dialogue among participants, Continue reading

Review: Color Range iPad App

I’m surprised at the volume of photos that I’ve accumulated on my iPad 2 in a short period of time. I play around with different Photo editors all the time tweaking and adjusting my photos. I really enjoy the different effects and filters that are available. I’ve just found a really cool iPad app for image editing, called Color Range 2.0.

I think photo editing on the iPad should be fun and simple to use. If you need to do high-end Photoshop work then save that for your Macbook Pro. The effects that Color Range allows you to create on the touch interface of the iPad are stunning. Color Range is fun and simple to use and achieves much improved images edits over manual brushing. If you are like me you will feel like you just unleashed your inner artist as you enjoy the Color Range app for iPad. (screenshots of app below the break) Continue reading

Review: Business Folio iPad 2 Case by Booqpad

iPad 2 cases by Booqpad For those of you who need a more executive look and feel in the board room we’ve got another iPad 2 case in the spotlight today that may interest you. The iPad will soon be ubiquitous in the corporate world. Sales reps are closing big ticket deals from iPad 2 presentations. Even attorneys are standing in front of the jury with their iPad 2 in hand. More and more professionals are upgrading their smart covers for business style iPad 2 cases. Today we’re looking at the Booqpad Agenda iPad 2 Case in our review.

This iPad 2 case is a folio style that integrates a notepad alongside your iPad 2. This can be a great solution for those who need to go back and forth between paper and the iPad tablet. It has been smartly designed so that both right and left handed users can benefit. In this iPad 2 case you’ll have access to your pens and business cards all in one place. It’s nice to have just one notebook to carry into a meeting.  Continue reading

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