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Been an iPad user from day one of its release. Apple has been innovative from the beginning and now the rest of the world is getting on board. It's great to be able to spread the word about one of their mobile devices.

iPad App for Serious Writers

“Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.” Anne Lamott

Storyist iPad appIf you are a writer or have a bucket list item to be a published author, you’ll appreciate our review of a best iPad app called the Storyist. So you may be wondering how anyone can sit down and perform serious writing as an iPad 2 app? You may not write the whole screenplay with iPad 2 app but thisbest iPad app for writing can be a good place to start it. Imagine being able to sit by a river or mountaintop to get some inspiration as you write. And write without worries of needing a power outlet with the crazy goodiPad 2 battery life. With the Storyist iPad apps, a writer can seriously consider working in their favorite little paradise.

When doing serious writing on the iPad tablet your focus is more on the act of writing and not editing and formatting. We like the idea (screenshots below the break) Continue reading

iPad Butler Alu-Floor Stand

We found a unique and modern german-designed iPad stand today that we really like. It’s called the iPad Butler Alu-Floor Stand and comes from the traditional German company, Vogelsang Engineering. We like the look of this clever deluxe stand for a range of applications. This could be a useful stand for a mobile kiosk check-in at medical offices or a product demo area in showrooms. What a statement of modernity when you enter the waiting room at instead of signing in with pen and paper you tap on the iPad Butler station.
This iPad Butler stand is made of aluminum and was originally designed for use in the living room. This iPad accessory has a flexible gooseneck that can be rotated in all directions so that you (screenshot and video below the break) Continue reading

Get Your Groove On This iPad App

When it comes to listening to music I’m using my iPad 2 more frequently to play music around the office and at home. One reason is that we’ve discovered one of the best iPad apps for music called Groove. The Groove app for iPad is a great music player that will captivate you quickly with a new way of listening to your favorite music mixes. This ingenious iPad app actually studies your listening habits and formulates your personal music profile and delivers an optimum music mix. Continue reading

Faulty Skype iPad 2 App Release (update:it’s available)

Last night the long awaited Skype iPad 2 App was released to the US app store but was quickly yanked by Skype within a few hours. If you remember a few months back Skype had another faux pas when they posted a YouTube video demoing their upcoming iPad 2 app which they also pulled quickly. Is this a new kind of marketing ploy where you blunder to get press? Maybe the Skype employee responsible for pushing the button on their new iPad 2 app has a neurological tic that causes PSR (Premature Skype Release). Could it be the curse of being in the process of being acquired by Microsoft? Skype’s response to their goof came by way of Twitter at about midnight EST which you can see in the screen capture above.  Continue reading

Kids Happily Return to School for New iPad 2

iPad education apps

My children are sad that summer has ended and now it’s back to school. However, one school has a remedy for the end of summer blues. Hand out an iPad 2 tablet to each student in your school instead of textbooks. Lake Minneola High School in Central Florida are doing just that. This is the first public school in Central Florida to purchase the iPad 2 for all their students at a cost of  about $700,000. However, school officials believe that the iPad 2 investment will actually save them money over the cost of textbooks.  Continue reading

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