Apple iPad 3 Event Week of March 5th

As we all expected it looks like the next big Apple event will be the released of the iPad 3. According to AllThingsD, which seems to be pretty accurate in  revealing Apple’s new media events, is reporting that Apple will hold an event to launch the iPad 3 tablet the week of March 5th.

Sources say the Apple has chosen the first week in March to release the much anticipated successor to the very popular iPad 2 device. This Apple iPad 3 release event will be held in San Francisco, and we’re guessing at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Apple’s preferred location for big announcements like these. No word yet on a street date for the iPad 3 , though my guess is retail availability will follow roughly the same schedule as that of the iPad 2: Available for purchase a week or so after the event. When Apple introduced the iPad 2 at it’s media event on March 2, 2011 they began selling the iPad 2 very soon afterward.

The report’s sources also corroborate some of the basic rumors surrounding the device, claiming that it will feature a high-resolution display, enhanced graphics with others saying there will not be a dual processing chip on board this time.

J. Ron Clendenin

Been an iPad user from day one of its release. Apple has been innovative from the beginning and now the rest of the world is getting on board. It's great to be able to spread the word about one of their mobile devices.