Ambiance iPad App is Life Enhancing

Ambiance iPad AppsIt’s the weekend and I’m feeling quite Zen-like sitting at Starbucks in Midtown Atlanta. Maybe it’s from the 4 mile run this morning or the relaxing iPad app that I fell asleep to last night. Ambiance app for iPad released a new version a few weeks ago and we’re digging it’s chill vibes.

Very quickly the Ambiance iPad app is becoming a favorite app of mine because I’m using it so much during the day and each night it is my new sleep aid.


When you first tap to open the Ambiance iPad app you come to a screen with mulitple category icons to choose from. I first went to the “Store” icon and began playing around with different sounds and mood setting still image landscapes. Next you’ll select the category store containers to get your sound samples- “Animals”, “Earth”,”Oceans”,”Meditation”,”Insects”, and so many more. Each container has hundreds of high quality sounds that you can preview and then download the ones you like. This is nice option so you can save space on your iPad 2. There are over 1000 unique and beautiful sounds to choose from in the Ambiance libray and as more are added you can opt in to be push notified.

During the day you’ll find yourself checking email and doing other tasks with this iPad app
playing in the background. At night when you want some chill sounds to fall asleep with you can set a timer for you Ambiance iPad app to turn itself off. You can share with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or on Read it Later. I really like the feature to create playlists and also setup a 1-tap quick start play for this iPad app.

We live in a world that is unraveling due to daily stress. It is nice to find a meaningful iPad app that can make a difference in your well-being. This is one of the best iPad apps of it’s kind and I’ll predict that it might become one of your top 5 apps that you use daily. You can download the Ambiance iPad app on the App Store for 2.99.















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Working to be a great guitarist. Love the iPad and all iOS products. Big Apple fan and think Joe Satriani is the greatest guitarist ever!


Great app and so many little extras that are well thought out. One is the Red Heart favorites” button that throw that into a container for you as you find a new gem.

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