Air Display iPad App Update

“Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back”, is a common proverb of Mac fans. Another one is that once you add a second display monitor it’s hard to go back to using just one. Sometimes when traveling with my laptop I miss not having that second monitor. We found a solution with the Air Display app for iPad. It turns your iPad into an extra display with the use of WiFi. This nifty best iPad apps is from Avatron Software which just updated this app a few weeks back. (screenshots below the break)

In order to benefit from the Air Display app for iPad you’ll need to download both the iPad apps and the Air Display desktop. The software installs a system preference pane on your Mac that can be controlled via a menu item. The display connection is made through WiFi or by creating an ad hoc network.

We’ve tested other shared display apps for iPad and we found the Air Display app to be responsive when moving between displays. But you’ll notice some lag and choppiness when you are in the active iPad display mode of your second screen.
One benefit of Air Display is that it lets you watch Flash video on the iPad when connected although not as smooth as you’d like in viewing. We did like how this best iPad app delivered nice mouse capabilities with it’s screen refresh rate that showed no perceivable choppiness in mouse performance. You can use Air Display in both landscape and portrait modes and it looks like they have smoothed out the initial bugs from switching orientations.

We like this iPad 2 app for certain applications especially when you are on the road in a hotel and need a second display to boost your productivity. This is one of the best iPad apps for iPad display sharing but at $9.99 you have to realize that it is not a perfect solution with the lag you’ll experience in performance. This iPad app is great, but it has to match your personal workflow.




J. Ron Clendenin

Been an iPad user from day one of its release. Apple has been innovative from the beginning and now the rest of the world is getting on board. It's great to be able to spread the word about one of their mobile devices.


I’ve tried this one in a different app and it had so much lag it was distracting. I hardly ever use it. How is this Air Display different?

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