A Great App for Toddlers

Most parents look out for educational games that can help their toddler grasp basics like colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. While some iPad apps for children are solely for entertainment, others engage and teach young children. TapTot iPad app by Blue Mint Studios is a great way to keep younger kids engaged while they learn.

TapTot is specifically designed for pre-schoolers. The colors are amazing, and the app development makes the iPad app easy to use. Children who are still developing their motor skills can easily learn by “matching and catching.” As an artist, I’m impressed by the unique look of this iPad app for children. The learning elements and the background appears to be three dimensional and inviting.

Fortunately, Blue Mint Studios has thrown in a bonus with this remarkable app – a matching mini game. This game reinforces what the child has learned by boosting his/her memory. TapTot is fun, friendly, and engaging for tots. When it’s time to pick out apps for the kids, parents don’t have to leave out the pre-schoolers. TapTot would make a great addition to your iPad!





This looks like a fun app to promote basic technology and learning skills in preschoolers. It makes sense that parents are allowing their preschool aged children to use iPads, as there are many apps that are aimed towards educational purposes. These children will grow up immersed in a high technology world, and those interested in providing educational resources must compete for kid’s attention, by providing multimedia based lessons that make learning fun, interactive, and as stimulating as their videogames. Once parents know about the large range of education options, the only thing that may detour them from buying these tablets for their educational utility is the fear that their younger children might accidentally drop this expensive device during their lesson (Traditional work books, although more expensive per unit don‘t break when you drop them!).

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