3D Photo Ring HD iPad App

Most of everyone who owns an iOS device enjoys the photo capture and storage capabilities. There are plenty of apps that offer different ways of interfacing with your camera roll and we’ve found a very unique and stylish one called 3D Photo Ring HD. This iPad app transforms your iPad tablet into a 3D photo viewer that is very unique and stylish. 3D Photo Ring HD iPad App offers a spellbinding interface that allows you to keep track of hundreds of photos with a swipe.

Admittedly, one of the mundane tasks associated with the camera roll on my iPad is searching for photos. With 3D Photo Ring HD it turns this task into a speedy and  fun task.  The onboard color sorting technology in this best iPad app allows you to save time hunting a specific photo. I even found it kind of hypnotic just playing with the stylish movement of the photo ring. This app for iPad also offers an interactive 3D slideshow presentation of your photos. According to the developer this innovative 3D photo arrangement and color-based organization feature is faster than 2D since it speeds up the visual search from the human eye. (screenshots and video demo after break)

Below are the features listed on the iTunes app store:

  • Browsing of photos from different folders/events
  • Innovative and intuitive 3D browsing interface (rotatable and zoomable 3D Ring)
  • Interactive 3D slideshow (animated 3D Wall; with pause/fast-forward/reverse feature)
  • Organization of your photos into several rings with switching feature
  • Number of rings and size of rings configurable
  • Convenient interaction (e.g., kinetic ring rotation by wipe or tilt)
  • Sorting of photos by recording time (also by EXIF original date)
  • Sorting of photos by color
  • Autorotate support
  • Inspection of EXIF/TIFF metadata of photos
  • Fullscreen photo mode with convenient switching function (by wipe or tilt)

The 3D Photo Ring HD iPad App is available on the app store for $0.99.

















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