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Review: Dirt Busta for iPad

best ipad appsWe recently found a cool new iPad app game that was released on the iTunes app store on April, 19th,2013. The name of this iPad game app is Dirt Busta.  We found this game to one that the whole family could enjoy. The graphics and animated drawings and well done and look really good on the iPad display screen.

The object of this fun game app is to clean each floor by destroying all bugs. But you have to quick because the clock is ticking and you only have 30 seconds. Each of the levels of play offers a different floor that needs to be “cleaned” of the bugs. Although, we did not attempt to achieve all the levels of play for this review we did find the navigation and design to be intuitive and the user interface to work well.
To win at improve your skills at each level you want to are yourself with all the different weapons available for this game. The designers have included lots of incentives for game play as you kill the bugs your receive more points, coins, achievements,  and improve your ranking.

The game is fun and easy to start out with for the beginners but as you advance the difficulty level increases as you become a better player. We really like how the designer gave the bugs different behaviors and strengths.  We think you’ll enjoy this game so go ahead and download it for Free on the iTunes app store by clicking here.

Review: Kids Mosaic HD

We found a clever iPad app for children that brings those popular mosaic kits to the iPad tablet. This great new iPad app is even better in that it lets children have the mosaic experience without the mess and cleanup. This app is called Kids Mosaic HD and it involves replicating 36 different images or your child can just use this iPad app in a free play mode to come up with their own designs.

The Kids Mosaic HD app has two modes of play. We really liked the adventure mode which offers children the ability to select their own mosaic image from a collection and then recreate it using colored tiles. Nine tile pieces are used to create the pictures, they include a square, four triangles and four quadrants. With a tap and drag the tiles can be easily moved into twelve different colors. Once children have selected their mosaic image they can begin moving the pieces on the iPad tablet screen. A more advanced game method for older children can recreate the picture by counting the number of pieces and then move the tiles to the correct space they belong. Continue reading

Three of the Best iPad Apps for Poker Play

When the iPad launched in 2010 the online gaming world was drooling over not only a new platform but a mobile device that would allow poker players to play virtually anywhere. Now millions have jumped on board to enjoy Poker apps for iPad. Apple policy does not allow for an official online poker client that deals in real currency. Still we found three Poker iPad apps that are worth taking a look at.

Zynga Poker

Originally developed for Facebook, Zynga poker is one of the first online poker sites. Now you don’t have to stay glued to your desktop to play it since it is now an apps for ipad. From the makers of the smash hit Farmville, Zynga poker is full of different poker games, modes & challenges. Players have two kinds of Poker play they can enjoy. One is to play in a tournament at a five or nine person table, the other is to just play at poker tables with different blind amounts. This iPad app is a great place for beginning poker players to learn and they boast 6 million daily users so you can always a Texas Hold’em table for you. You can chat and even gift poker chips with others at your poker table.  If you really like to play Texas Hold ‘Em you’ll probably not find a better poker apps for iPad than Zygna Poker.Get Zynga Poker for iPad app for free on the iTunes App Store.  Continue reading

TouchCard iPad app for kids

Our 2 year old bangs and slobers on the iPad every chance she gets. We’ve noticed that she gets extra excited when she plays with this recent iPad app we downloaded called “Mr.shape’s TouchCard”.This iPad app is basically a series of picture cards for kids that the developer, KOO-KI (Japanese) describes as touch interactive education cards. This game has been recreated based on the original Japanese film animation by the same name. We like it especially since our daughter seems to prefer it, for now, each time she gets her hands on the iPad. We think that the bright colors and excellent illustrations are the best features in this iPad app. This app is a lot of fun and the beautiful interface really pulls you in and grabs the attention of younger children. This is a really different type of iPad app for the education category so you may just need to download to experience it. There are 9 picture cards included and a deluxe version is on the way with even more picture cards. Each picture card that you click on is interactive with fun sounds. The lion roars, and press on each grape and it makes a noise or plays a song. If your child is like ours we think you they will be captivated by this iPad app for children and find new things each time they play.

The app is free on the app store.

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