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msPad iPad App for Medical Professionals

medical ipad appsFor all the folks in the medical field here comes a new iPad app that was released a few days ago on the App Store that will make your life easier. The iPad app is called msPad by Sandra Ingold and we think this is a valuable tool for so many medical professionals who carry their iPad with them and use it on the job.

The msPad app for iPad is a medical shorthand keypad app that allows medical professionals to enter specific medical symbols into a document.  The app comes with an onboard medical symbols keyboard that will save medical pros loads of time entering key data.

This iPad app contains 20 common symbols which is so useful in everyday medical documentation.   Continue reading

New Eastern Europe for iPad

Best iPad appsToday we are taking a look at an iPad app journal subscription called New Eastern Europe. This English language quarterly magazine for your iPad is a must have news source for those interested in the latest news stories from Central and Eastern Europe. The magazine provides readers with current events, political analysis, cultural and historical discussion as well as books and film reviews from and about the region.

New Eastern Europe magazine is published by the non-profit foundation College of Eastern Europe with the editorial team based out of Krakow Poland. This is a free iPad app download with paid content within. Subscriptions are also available within the application. Once you sign up for an ongoing subscription you’ll then be notified within the app when the latest issue is available to download within the app magazine. New Eastern Europe magazine for the iPad allows you to purchase the current issue, back issues and future issues can be purchased all within this iPad app. Continue reading

Review: Nature Painter for iPad

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 5.40.19 PM One great feature with the iPad tablet is the ability to draw and paint on the touch screen like it is a canvas. With that in mind we’ve found a wonderful educational painting app from the developer Lucky Martian. This iPad app is called Nature Painter. Nature Painter is a world-class digital oil painting simulator that works and looks great on your iPad display.

Nature Painter was developed as a way to take time out and get away from it all and unwind while being creative. The user interface is well designed and we really like the user-friendly tutorials that will guide you through the basics of landscape painting. (Screenshot after the break) Continue reading

New iPad App-Be There:Yosemite

If you love to travel to beautiful places then you’ll enjoy a new iPad app released a few days ago. The app is called Be There: Yosemite, and was developed by Red Hill Studios. This iPad app is the the second in a series of innovative ‘mobile virtual reality’ apps for iPad that look great on your retina display. These innovative apps let you explore popular travel locations and in this installment they show off the stunning National Park of Yosemite. Continue reading

Free Music Download Pro+ for iPad

Today we are looking at a recently added iPad app that is great for direct downloading of music and videos to your iPad. This app is called Free Music Download Pro+ and was released on the iTunes app store in September by app developer Apps2Be.

This app gives you a broader music selection as they offer  1000s of websites that you can download directly from. For example, you can go to Soundcloud.com and find your favorite DJ mixes and easily download them onto your iPad tablet. (screen shots after the break) Continue reading

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