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Review: Dirt Busta for iPad

best ipad appsWe recently found a cool new iPad app game that was released on the iTunes app store on April, 19th,2013. The name of this iPad game app is Dirt Busta.  We found this game to one that the whole family could enjoy. The graphics and animated drawings and well done and look really good on the iPad display screen.

The object of this fun game app is to clean each floor by destroying all bugs. But you have to quick because the clock is ticking and you only have 30 seconds. Each of the levels of play offers a different floor that needs to be “cleaned” of the bugs. Although, we did not attempt to achieve all the levels of play for this review we did find the navigation and design to be intuitive and the user interface to work well.
To win at improve your skills at each level you want to are yourself with all the different weapons available for this game. The designers have included lots of incentives for game play as you kill the bugs your receive more points, coins, achievements,  and improve your ranking.

The game is fun and easy to start out with for the beginners but as you advance the difficulty level increases as you become a better player. We really like how the designer gave the bugs different behaviors and strengths.  We think you’ll enjoy this game so go ahead and download it for Free on the iTunes app store by clicking here.

Review: Where Is It? HD for iPad

best ipad appsI’m a visual person so I really enjoy beautiful images. Now combine HD images of the most famous places from all over the world and turn it into a game and I’m hooked. The developer Legend Software Group has recently released a new exclusive iPad app called Where Is It? HD.

When you first tap to open this fun iPad app image trivia game you’ll be given three options to select in starting the game. You’ll choose either the 15, 25 or 50 question option to begin. My score was surprising poor my first try with the 15 question game. In fact, my one correct answer was the “Old Royal Palace, Denmark (I missed all the U.S. locations). I was humbled so I spent the next 30 minutes laser focused on improving my score.  Continue reading

High Def iPad App Game- Anomaly Warzone Earth

We found a tactical iPad app war game called Anomaly Warzone Earth HD. Most gamers have played games similar to this, with game controller, or a mouse and keyboard. However, this is quite a different experience when playing this game on the iPad 2 display. This iPad app games is a enlivening design of a standard tower defense style game. It all begins when massive comet strikes the Earth. Out troops find destruction and mayhem along with an anomaly emanating from alien attackers that have planted defensive turrets in Baghdad. Each level of this graphically pleasing iPad 2 app offers a unique mission, such as targeting and destroying alien turrets, navigating toward to a target zone, or escorting a defenseless unit. (Screenshots and video below break)  Continue reading

Adobe New iPad App-CreatePDF

Adobe has launched another a iPad app named CreatePDF that does pretty much what that name states. I just opened this new iPad app this morning and gave a run through. It is very straightforward in how it functions. It does a clean job of converting just about any file into a PDF document.

Adobe states that one distinction of this PDF creation app is that it creates; “the same high-quality PDF creation as Adobe Acrobat” . This iPad app uses the “Open In” functionality to simply convert the document you’ve chosen within another app. (screenshots below the break)  Continue reading

Vudu Streaming Videos Now Live on the iPad

Vudu for ipad

Apple’s terms of service for iPad app developers is that subscription-based iPad apps pay 30% to Apple.  Vudu has just released a Web-based version of its best iPad app that gets around this restriction. Walmart (owns Vudu) has just announced their Vudu movie streaming service is now available to iPad 2 users via a web app (opposed to an iOS app), which effectively allows Vudu to go behind Apple’s back. The app for iPad also works on other iOS devices, but has only been optimized for the iPad display.

Other best iPad apps developers may choose this course which also allows Vudu to be able to push out new updates whenever they choose, rather than having to wait for Apple approval. Basically this “optimized” iPad experience enables iPad users to view Vudu through the Safari web browser to purchase and rent movies or even TV episodes in standard definition. Simply go to Continue reading

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