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Review: Coloring Smart App for Children

We came across a cute and fun educational iPad app for kids by the developer Thematic Media GmbH. This fun iPad app is called Coloring Smart – Fun and Education for Kids. This iPad app was released a few weeks back and we think it is one of the best iPad apps for children to color and draw with.

Coloring has always been an excellent activity for learning with young children. The Coloring Smart app is great for developing your child’s skill levels in learning numbers, shape recognition and mental calculation.(video demo and screenshots after the break) Continue reading

NoteLedge iPad App Updated Today

If you haven’t noticed we love note-taking apps here on our iPad-centered website. We found another great iPad app for note-taking that fits in our best iPad apps category called NoteLedge. This iPad app was just updated today by the developer Kdan Mobile Software LTD. As soon as we tapped to open NoteLedge what stood out to us was the graphically pleasing leather graphics on the interface. This productivity app for iPad is impressive and we’ll designed from graphics down to the user interface.

When you first launch this iPad app, you’ll be greeted with an overview of what NoteLedge is all about and it’s features. You’ll be surprised and the wide-ranging features to interact with this app. It is waaaay more than those plain and simple writing apps. NoteLedge is functions seamlessly as a sketch pad and you can simply swipe your finger on the screen to draw or write your content. Easily change the writing type tool (pencil, brush, crayon, etc.) or adjust the line size, opacity, and color with a tap of the sidebar menu.  Continue reading

Get Productive With Oooloo iPad App

Since the iCloud release by Apple iPad 2 app developers have a whole new set of possible design options. There are thousands of productivity apps on the Apple App Store but not all of them take advantage of cloud syncing. We found a recently released app called Oooloo, developed by Lazy Appz, that is a nice option for syncing all your To do’s, Contacts, Calendars and Text Notes.

We really like the creative user interface and easy tap navigation. The Oooloo iPad app is not your typical productivity app there is some real design thought going on here. For the GTD fans you’ll find the customization options appealing with some really innovative features. In my testing there is only a minimal learning curve to get up and running. I easily got my top category lists set up and all was backed up to the cloud instantly. Continue reading

iPad App Math Game- Answer 2 Equations

We found an iPad app that will keep your children entertained as students and sharpen their math skills all at the same time. The app is called Answer 2 Equations and we see this app being useful for students, parents and really anyone who want to learn and sharpen their math skills. This iPad app offers a no matter what your age this math app offers a challenging level of difficulty and has struck a balance between doing math and having fun in a game-like format.  Answer 2 Equations  offers you robust math problems to solve using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The game is set up so that you have more than 60 total math cards to select from.(5 sets of cards numbered 1 thru 12.
). There are 4 levels of play which are: easy, Ambitious, Challenging, and Mind-blowing. (screenshots after the break)  Continue reading

WorldCard HD iPad App

WorldCard HD is an app for iPad that was updated recently on the app store. The developer of this business card manager app is Penpower Inc. This iPad app allows you to use your iPad for capturing those stacks of paper business cards and import them into a customer management system. This is a great iPad app for business card scanning and management, especially for those of us who carry our iPads everywhere we go. How many new business cards to you have to manage each week? This iPad app comes with an advanced version of Optical Character Recognition technology which utilizes the iPad camera lens.

We like how WorldCard HD has designed easy-to-use interface that we were able to navigate around easily. Also, they’ve integrated a great search tool that allows finding business card information really quickly. Each business card is represented as a record in a table with standard attributes such as name, address, company name and more. Continue reading

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