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Chess Dice: New iPad App Game

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 8.32.39 AMFor all you lovers of chess we’ve discovered a really cool new iPad game called Chess Dice. The game Chess Dice is brought to you by Alexey Molchanov of Dream Craft Corp.

This is like playing chess on steriods and is great fun for anyone who loves logic games like chess. First thing you’ll notice when you download this iPad app is that the user interface is very clean and easy to navigate. We also liked the graphic look of the design and found it to be stylish and it really looked good on the retina display.

In this game app you have plenty of options for your gaming preferences. You can play another player or choose to play the artificial intelligence inside the game.

We recommend this game and consider it to be one of the best iPad app chess games out there. Here is the developer’s description on the iTunes App Store: Continue reading

Let’s Get it On: Top 10 Sports Apps for iPad

Now, as a sports fan and user of Apple products, you really want to put two and two together. Obviously you need help doing that, which is why your here. So, why keep you waiting?

This is the top 10 sports apps you should have on your Apple iPad 2!

Before I get started, yes I halted the fun again, I would like to point out that all of these apps are under $10 and some are FREE! I’ll make sure to add the price.

10.) Giant Scoreboard

This is one of the better iPad apps, because it’s something the user can use just for them. It can keep track of anything for you that involves scoring. Say you have a random backyard football game that breaks out. You want to keep score in a better way than big Danny saying he has the highest score at the end. So, this app allows it! It’s one of the best in all of the iPAD apps for me, because it can be used for so many things. Best of all, it’s FREE!

9.) Nike Football+ Team Edition

Ever think you suck at soccer? This iPad app can help! It shows training videos on one of the world’s oldest sports and it can help anyone succeed in the game. You can watch hours of training videos to one day bend it like Beckham! Also, it’s free, so why not try it out?

8.) Sports Rule Books HD

Ever watch a football or basketball game and have the wife, girlfriend, or Mom ask questions the whole time? This solves the problem for those people who have no idea about the rules of all things sports. So, get your girl an iPad 2 and say you did it just cause she’s pretty. But add this iPad 2 app for her to see in plain view. Hey, it can make for an interesting read for the girl who wants her questions answered. And guess what, it’s free!

7.) Madden NFL 11

Now, reading isn’t always fun and boredom comes at many points in the day for the average sports fan. So, why not get the Madden NFL 11 iPad app? Keep in mind, they have this app for every new game type. So, 12 will come out in a few months. But, for now, it’s worth the $6.99 for this iPad app game. It’s also very beautiful graphic wise, and it’s fun. It’s great for the frequent flyer.

6.) Basketball Coach’s Clipboard

Gotta be one of the more beneficial iPad 2 apps for basketball coaches, this app can basically be the new clipboard NBA coaches use on the sidelines soon! It has plays on it already added, but you can create your own. This could be the future of basketball coaching. And heck, the standard clipboard is the same size anyway. And it’s only $1.99, it’s a “steal”! Continue reading

PressReader for iPad 2

We just found this iPad app called PressReader which is pretty cool for iPad users that are newspaper fans. This iPad 2 app give you access to over 1,800 same-day local, national and international newspapers. That’s a lot of daily news to read. PressReader iPad app is offering you plenty of choice and selection of newspapers from around the world. It allows those who want further insight into specific articles to get that insight with complete ease from multiple sources. Also, those who are often on-the-go could easily read their favorite publication on their iPad or iPad 2.

One thing that sets PressReader apart from other news apps is that it provides readers with full-content digital replicas of that newspapers’ printed edition. What this means for iPad 2 users is they can swipe the pages on their iPad exactly as they would with printed newspaper. Except this is way cooler way to go to the next page as you’ve seen in reading books on your iPad. In this iPad app you also have the ability to pan, zoom and scroll to get a better look at the publication they’re reading and view articles in text view.

And over and above its convenience and practicality, PressReader iPad app allow users to share their favorite news via email, Facebook and Twitter. This iPad 2 app is great for publishers as each issue downloaded should count towards their audited circulation numbers. Overall we consider this for our best iPad apps category.
You can download this free iPad 2 app on the app store by clicking here.

InStyle magazine app for iPad 2

InStyle magazine has just released their iPad app. The brand new InStyle iPad app is the go-to way to find your perfect haircut style next you go to your stylist.
In this magazine style iPad 2 app you’ll be up to date on 50 of the hottest celebrity hairstyles.One interesting tech feature in this iPad 2 app is their auto-detect technology that can determine your face shape and then make a suggested hairstyle for you.
You can integrate the suggested hairstyle onto your own photo so you can see what it would look like before you get a cut. They also can steer you to InStyle-approved salons in your neighborhood. Now that is great vendor partnering. This iPad 2 app comes with over 250 additional hairstyles and they send along new styles every few weeks. The app costs $5.99 and you can get here from the app store.

A New Kind of iPad App

We all remember memorable storybook characters from our childhood. Perhaps that is what makes this new iPad App so special. Not only is this unique application a gallery of friendly new storybook characters, but iPad users can actually purchase prints of the original illustrations directly from this iPad app! Mimosa Creations is an indie company that specializes in children’s books and illustrations. It has always been difficult for independent children’s artists, boutiques, and designers to reach out to the kids and parents who appreciate unique merchandise. Thanks to Siglat Mobile Apps, direct product purchasing of original children’s illustrations through PayPal is possible.

There is a character for everyone in this app for children. From a sassy octopus to a fun-loving bear, iPad owners will have a favorite character in no time. The first in a series of future storybook apps, Mimosa iPad App is in a class of its own. Families will enjoy adorning their surroundings with the bright and cheerful imagery of unique children’s book characters. For more information visit www.mimosacreations.com. You can download the Free Mimosa app from the App Store here.

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