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New Apple Ad Campaign Not a Winner

top iPad appsThe new Apple ad campaign is not getting the traction that many of Apple’s past ads have accomplished. According to a Bloomberg report the latest installment of Apple ad is falling flat on it’s face with American audiences.

Some of the critics have pointed out that Apple seems less humble in that it brags on its product inventions. The lighting in the ad looks a little dark and does not evoke a lot of joy and good feelings like Apple has offered in the past. Continue reading

New iPad Ad Shows Off Retina Display

Yesterday Apple released a new iPad advertisement that emphasizes the new iPad’s Retina display and this ad really brings it to life. Apples ad showcases the new iPad features such as emailing, reading via Newsstand, movie and TV show watching, iPhoto gallery making, Numbers document editing, drawing via apps, iBooks 2 textbooks, reading books. All of these features show off how rich the experience is on the iPad Retina display. Continue reading

iPad Trademark Dispute in Shanghai a Win for Apple

The Wall Street Journal reported today that the Chinese company Proview got another setback in fighting Apple over rights to the iPad trademark in China. The People’s court in Shanghai rejected a Proview’s desire for a preliminary injunction against the sale of iPad. This means Apple can continue selling iPads in its flagship Shanghai stores and it keeps the iPad 3 release announcement on track.

The court also acceded to a request by Apple to postpone proceedings until a court in China’s southern Guangdong province decides on an appeal in another case requested by the Cupertino, Calif., company. The Guangdong Provincial High Court is expected to hear the appeal on Wednesday.

The hearings in Shanghai are pushed back until the results of a separate case in the Guangdong provincial high court gives a ruling. Continue reading

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