Soon a top iPad app for learning guitar

A Finish app development startup has launched an interesting iPad 2 app that is a game and learning tool for guitar. This iPad tablet app, called WildChords lets you learn guitar while interacting in a game-like atmosphere. This iPad 2 app recognizes the chords you play on your guitar and in essence your guitar becomes your game controller with this innovative iPad audio technology. The gist of the game is that you are surrounded by all types of exotic animals that have escaped from the local zoo. Your goal in this iPad game is to return the animals to the zoo by hypnotizing each animal with the strum of different chords on your guitar. Each of the animals will respond to a real-life chord, for example, ducks will follow you if you play in the chord “D”, elephants will be attracted to the “E” chord. You get the idea. When you correctly play the chords you become the hero and save the village from the wild escaped zoo animals. The animation and graphics alone will likely make this iPad tablet app an international hit for the beginning guitarists. This may be one of the best iPad 2 apps for learning basic guitar to arrive this year. We found a nice demo of the Wildchords app on Youtube (below) from Intomobile that shows how cool this app will be. As of yet it is not on the U.S. app store so we’ll update this post as soon as it hits the store along with pricing news.

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Working to be a great guitarist. Love the iPad and all iOS products. Big Apple fan and think Joe Satriani is the greatest guitarist ever!

  • Anonymous

    This sounds very cool but when does this app launch live in U.S. ?

  • Brett Schmidt

    Overall, I would say this is a good article. I would maybe inject a bit of the writer’s personality into the articles.

  • Anonymous

    Foursquare and Farmville are proven models. People will enjoy integrating games into learning guitar.

  • Anonymous

    As a guitar player and a musician for over a decade, I know how tedious practice can sometimes be. This application is a great tool to give a firm foundation of the basics while still being a fun game to play.

  • Rachel

    This is a very cool app – I’m a newbie to the guitar and after just 2 days of playing, I can now play C, Em, & Am and switch between them without looking. Very well laid out game. Don’t get caught up thinking this is just a kids’ game. It’s a very effective learning tool!